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a piece of wood with blue and white swirls on it, hanging from a string
Ocean waves of silk and wool, needled felted and mounted on driftwood Surfingmermaidart@etsy
an embroidered picture frame with two mushrooms in the woods
Felting Workshops Shropshire | Felting Workshops
an image of a chicken and her chicks on a green pot cover with white fur
Crafting on Thursdays for the Owl and Fox General Store
an oil painting of grass and water on the beach
Original Textile Art - Shop
some rocks and grass in the water
I love rocks! Felted and otherwise — Natalie Woven
I love rocks! Felted and otherwise — Natalie Woven
a painting of a river surrounded by trees
Painting With Wool
an image of a mermaid in the water
Gallery 5
Gallery 5