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three seashells and one starfish on a white background
Castle in the Air
four seashells and one starfish on a white surface
KBB Crafts & Stitches: Hand-Sewn Felt Seashells
several different shells and starfishs are shown in this collage with the words stitch a collection of felt seashells
Felt Seashell pattern
many different colored boots and flowers are on the table next to each other, with gold chains around them
Some new handmade ceramic charms 💘🦢🌿💌🏹🌷🕊️💘 | Instagram
a hand holding a tiny piece of felt with an image of a tree on it
Felt Creations
four small mushrooms are shown in red, yellow and white colors on a white surface
Needle Felted Toadstool Mushroom Fungi Autumnal Brooch Pin - Etsy
several different types of mushrooms and leaves on a table
Felt mushrooms
several different types of mushrooms on a white surface
Fungi Love
Did you know I teach workshops locally in Asheville? All of my workshops at Local Cloth are already sold out. But fear not! I have more workshops scheduled at @tracksidestudios375art this summer! One of those workshops is Needle Felting the Forest Floor! We will learn to felt mushrooms, and lichen, and more! I’d love for you to join me, July 20th, from 1-4! I can’t wait to see you all and make art together!
a hand holding a tiny flower with the words forget - me - not on it