Modernist Posters by Quim Marin

Modernist Swiss Style Posters by Quim Marin


This poster represents an interaction between two systems of color. Each pattern of color possesses its own unity. Overlapping creates an even richer experience of unity and also a sense of depth through the use of transparency or transition.

The way the designer overlapped and colored the photos of the woman is cool but does it really go with what the poster is standing for? This is a poster for a theater school festival. I think they could've done something different, but the poster itself is well designed.

Beautiful Poster Designs

Festiwal Szkol Teatralnych (FST) poster design - 2015 - from 30 Beautifully Designed Posters

poster | GRAVITY

A series of posters created by the graphic artists Toni López and Zara Castellanos from Retoka, using as inspiration poems about evolution.

Posters By Xavier Esclusa M32 on Behance

Posters By Xavier Esclusa on Behance - neutral monochrome feminine monoi gardenia lily flower number typography

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Katja Schloz Graphic Design is a Stuttgart based studio for graphic design and art direction founded in Projects include a wide range of commissions, from visual identity and concept development to typography, Editorial Design, websites and illustra

Type Hike: typographic posters that celebrate American national parks

Type Hike is a collaborative design project that take a look at the US national parks from a typographic perspective. 60 designers have each created a poster about a national park, type being the m…

Ariane Spanier Design is a Berlin-based studio founded in 2005 focused on print work for architects, galleries and publishers. Often playing with the perception of depth they create typographic landscapes that bend and fold revealing rich layers of color and texture.

Washington Post Mag (US) Cover from December and too good not to show. “Lives Remembered” The Washington Post Magazine: “published Sundays in The Washington Post and aims to tell stories about the.

"Pop Food", by Glenda Lopez

Eye catching images shot for jewelry collection designed by Glenda Lopez are work of photographer Elena Jimenez, graphic designer M. New collection is appropriately named POP FOOD.

ENTRADA: transparencia

61 different colors / Wedding garter / TIFFANY BLUE garter SET / wedding garters / bridal garter/ lace garter / vintage lace garter When life gives you lemons. Make sure there organic

Let's appreciate the planet by jDstyle , via Behance

BIRD, a poster from the “Life On Earth" series by Ukrainian graphic designer Yevgeniya Glova. Simplicity and controlled color use at its finest.