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Hard Sparkling Water
Keep it refreshing this summer with Peach & Blackcurrant Hard Sparking Water. Low calories and 0g of sugar per can.
Muskoka Spirits | Hard Sparkling Water
Summer nights complete with Muskoka Spirits Hard Sparkling Water. Keep it light with 0g of sugar and 100 calories per can.
Muskoka Detour
That post-work pint. Muskoka Detour is up for all of life's adventures.
Detour by Muskoka Brewery
Nothing like a cold Muskoka Detour on the course. A beer that's up for all of life's adventures.
Detour | Session Ale
Summer Detour to the BBQ. A beer that's up for all of life's adventures. 4.3% alc./vol.
Muskoka Brewery | Tread Lightly
These are the moments we've been waiting for. Kick back with Tread Lightly, only 110 cals per can.
Muskoka Brewery | Tread Lightly
Keep the cooler close. Reach for Tread Lightly, a light beer that doesn't sacrifice flavour.
Muskoka Brewery | Tread Lightly
Tread Lightly
All about that beer-life balance. Reach for Tread Lightly, a lo-cal lager with only 110 calories per can.
Muskoka Spirits
Cooler stocked & adventure awaits! Reach for Peach & Blackcurrant Hard Sparkling Water. Only 100 calories and 0g of sugar.
Muskoka Detour
Venture off the beaten path with Muskoka Detour. A balanced, refreshing, sessionable IPA.
a beer next to a can of muskena in front of a canadian flag
Detour } Game Day Ready
A rewarding, sessionable IPA that's up for every game. Order online or pick up where great beer is sold.
a woman standing next to a tree holding a drink