17 links to the “other side” of dementia

Dementia care advocate Kate Swaffer gets fed up. “We continue to be bombarded with mostly negative narrative of living with dementia, with an almost complete focus on the losses and deficits,…

5 rewards I get for taking care of a loved one with dementia

There are plenty more people who do far more than I for others who live with dementia. But I get the same rewards the unsung hero in the short and joyful video b…

top 15 things dementia care partners say they've learned

top 15 things dementia care partners say they’ve learned

6 scary facts you should know about dementia care

Today’s dementia care partners, advocates and leading-edge experts fear that if we don’t take significant steps to create change, we’re going to face a significant care crisis in …

is your dementia glass half empty or half full?

“This time next year she won’t remember me,” I thought in the autumn of 2011 when I abandoned my life as an expatriate businesswoman in Dubai to come back to rural Canada to care for my Mom who liv…

an alzheimer parent's poem

I always feel sad when other care partners feel bad when their parent or parents who live with dementia don’t recognize them anymore.

being elderly and living with dementia is not a crime

Sometimes the simplest and most sensible ideas sound surprising when we first hear them. So it is with some of the concepts put forth by dementia care expert June Andrews, who believes we need to r…

7 ways people living with dementia and their care partners can lessen worldwide dementia impact

Thankfully, the World Health Organization (WHO) recognizes the importance of creating better dementia care worldwide, because it looks very much like we are going to have a crisis on our hands in t…

10 thought-provoking links on dementia "wandering"

The image above is of my mom heading back to her kitchen from her garden in summer She loved to be outside. She rarely sat still.

10 pieces of wisdom from dr. allen power & dementia beyond disease

Allen Power’s first book Dementia Beyond Drugs: Changing the Culture of Care. My tattered copy is full of underlines, stars, tick marks, and highlights.

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