fierce independence meets youthful arrogance on the way to the sing along

Flashback September “I don’t think anyone has her,” one blue-uniformed student nurse says to the other when Mom and I stop to chat on our way to the sing along.

four years later is too late for my mom. but it's not for others.

On December a year after Mom had moved into a long-term care facility (LTCF), I sent an email to the person in legal control of my mother’s care, and the Director of Nursing of the LTCF.

6 scary facts you should know about dementia care

Today’s dementia care partners, advocates and leading-edge experts fear that if we don’t take significant steps to create change, we’re going to face a significant care crisis in …

drugs, not dementia, robbed me of my mom and her of her mind

The inappropriate use of antipsychotic drugs had a devastating impact on my mom and me. She was chemically restrained with quetiapine (Seroquel), and risperidone (Risperdal) every day for the last …

being elderly and living with dementia is not a crime

Sometimes the simplest and most sensible ideas sound surprising when we first hear them. So it is with some of the concepts put forth by dementia care expert June Andrews, who believes we need to r…

don't fence me in: a true story about the impact of physical restraints on my mom who lived with alzheimer disease

In the world of dementia care, and problably elsewhere for that matter, a restraint is anything that restricts or controls a person’s behaviour. Restraints may be physical, chemical, and environmen…

when you're put behind bars

In a strange moment of foreshadowing, I took this picture of Mom and I staring into the mirror in the hallway of her big red brick house on the hill on November 2012 .

7 reasons bedsores (and many other things) go untreated in LTC

7 reasons behind institutional care fails

7 reasons bedsores (and many other things) go untreated in LTC

7 reasons behind institutional care fails

using 'no trespassing' orders against family members is a travesty

This guest post by former nurse Sue Turner calls a spade a spade. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ “No trespass orders given to family members after they complained about Ottawa long-term care home,” reads th…

Elle pèse la « couche » de sa mère et décide d’écrire au Ministre de la Santé

crazy daughter weighs mom’s wet “nappy” and writes open letter to minister of health about it

look who's talking now

It’s been awhile since we’ve heard from Alzheimer Annie, whose misadventures in long-term care are based on real life situations I have witnessed or which have been recounted to me by o…

elderly man with dementia dies in quebec ltcf from inappropriately prescribed antipsychotic drugs

Christin Belley’s father Jean-Pierre, who lived with Alzheimer disease and vascular dementia, was still driving in the summer of He had some health issues (who doesn’t…

understaffed nursing homes force residents into incontinence

In summer author Lise Cloutier-Steele complained to the administrator of the long-term care facility in which her father resided that she had found his catheter bag full to capacity four time…

if only they had listened to ciaran

if only they had listened to ciaran

stand up for better care

During the last two years of her life, after she was made to sit in a wheelchair (despite the fact that she was still able to walk), I didn’t know if my mom had been given the opportunity to …