do you see the young woman who once was me?

I think of it every time I see images like the one above of Mom and her sisters when they were young women. I think it must have been taken in late 1950 or early 1951 b…

Teepa Snow is on the go!

I wish I had known about dementia care pioneer Teepa Snow and her practical tools and techniques when I first began my journey with dementia care. Teepa has probably done more t…

when you're put behind bars

In a strange moment of foreshadowing, I took this picture of Mom and I staring into the mirror in the hallway of her big red brick house on the hill on November 2012 .

i'm glad christmas is over

i’m glad christmas is over

santa claus lives with dementia

Unbeknownst to most of the world, Santa was diagnosed some time ago with Alzheimer’s disease. Luckily, he has a great support system at the North Pole, and Mrs. Claus knows exactly what to do…

dementia caregivers: a poem

I didn’t want to leave my comfortable life in Dubai to come back to Canada to care for my mom. It was a role I wasn’t trained for, hadn’t expected and was comletely ill-equipped t…

all fixed up: a lighthearted ode to our broken bits

The problem with overvaluing perfection is it sometimes leads us to want to fix things that don’t need repair, or to think that people and things are broken when in fact they’re not.

stitches & threads

October Mom’s faux fur coat has been hanging in an upstairs closet for five years. I’ve had several boxes of her clothes under my bed for about 18 mon…

pinkie pattie, pinkie punkie & pinkie pia's peace day poem

pinkie pattie, pinkie punkie & pinkie pia’s peace day poem

do you know your alzheimer's alphabet?

Being a dementia care partner has its ups and downs, and often carers seem to have a harder time of it than even those with dementia they suffer to love.

This is a poem about the sad state of world affairs, and about missing my mom who died a year ago. tears to my eyes punkie Dedicated to my mom, Patty, September 1928 – August

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the road to release: a poem

the road to release by punkie i want to protect you mom. i kneel before her, so she can see me.