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there is a collage of photos with the words it's been interesting
It's Been Interesting - Spring 2024 in Zone 3b
Spring 2024 has been interesting to say the least. As a result, I have gotten behind where I would like to be, but I will get there! Thought I would share spring in my part of the world.
the words it's spring on the homestead written in pink
It's Spring on the Homestead - And About To Get Busy
Whether a person lives in an area that gets a ton of snow or in an area that gets no snow, the transition from winter to the spring season is one that is anticipated every year. It is a time where life returns to the land and a person takes on a whole new sense of purpose and anticipation. But the age old battle between Old Man Winter and spring is not one that is easily won and Old Man Winter likes to flex his muscles. As winter slowly but surely softens his grip, from what was frozen ground just weeks earlier, things awaken and come to life. And so do I! I start to make plans and the to-do list grows, with maybe loftier goals than what is reasonable, and things start to get done, one item at a time.
there are many doughnuts that have been made in the shape of letters on them
Schlitz Kechla, Corn Tortillas, and Replacing Store-Bought with Homemade • Chocolate Box Cottage
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Homestead Happenings
Living the homestead way of life there is always something to do each day that might include pen cleaning, fence fixing, baking, canning, stocking up the pantry and planning. With the start of a New year I thought it might be interesting to explore the homestead happenings thus far this fall and early winter season. Join me as I explore the Homestead Happenings.
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Why Homesteading
There has been quite a bit of discussion as of late about the pros and cons of homesteading. Why Homestead? And although those lists will vary for each individual, there will also be quite a bit of similarity as well. For me, homesteading has been a way of life for so long that I never really thought about it. And then the questions were asked and I found myself wondering about what the answers were as they applied to me. What is my why? Why keep going and not give up?