Common mistakes made by English speakers in French

Common Mistakes Made by English Speakers in French

Common Mistakes in French Each language has its own rules, sometimes confusing for foreign learner. This article will help you recognize common mistakes of English speaking people when they speak in French.

Madame Belle Feuille: j'aime lire - teaching reading in grade 1 French Immersion

Teach Your Child to Read - Madame Belle Feuille: jaime lire - teaching reading in grade 1 French Immersion - Give Your Child a Head Start, and.Pave the Way for a Bright, Successful Future.

Comptine et activités avec mots fréquents pour le son "ou"

Le Hibou Voit-Tout (Comptine et activités avec le son "ou") French printables

Teach your students high frequency French words! Great for French immersion students learning to read in French for the first time!

Les mots usuels - French sight word activities - volume Focus on 4 sight words per week, choosing different games and activities for your students. Includes a variety of different games, flashcards, and word wall cards!