Several quotations about life. Featured quote is by Charles Schulz

Quotations about life, happiness and living. Inspirational and motivational quotes about life.

Quotes about love, life and relationships

Quotes about love, live and relationships by Oscar Wilde, Mark Twain, Katharine Hepburn, Audrey Hepburn.

Quote by Louise Hay about being happy with your life

Inspiring and motivational quotations about being happy with your life and enjoying what you have.

Oscar Wilde Quote - More quotes with wit and wisdom

Quotes to make you smile - Witty and Wise quotes for your day.

Witty quote by Mark Twain

Witty quote by Mark Twain. More quotes by Mark Twain showing wit and wisdom

Lots of quotations about the spring season.

Wake up Mother Nature … Spring has sprung

Quotes about animals

Quotes about animals by Winston Churchill, Mark Twain and George Carlin to name a few.

Love quotes for Valentine's Day

Lots of quotations for your special valentine. Quotes about love, happiness, marriage and insight into a happy life with the one you love.

Quotes about Christmas - Positive thoughts for Christmas

When was the first Christmas card, Christmas tree, and department store Santa Claus in America? See when some of these Christmas traditions began!

Inspirational and uplifting quotes. A different viewpoint on life.

Thoughts to lift your spirits and inspire you in your day -- words by the famous and the not so famous.

Quotes about dogs

Lots of quotes about dogs in your life -- the good, the bad and the funny.