Mylaine Robichaud

Mylaine Robichaud
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Mylaine Robichaud
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It is easy to feel overwhelmed, lost or stuck in life. Days are made up of moments. Live these moments, moment by moment, and you will live your days, 'one day at a time'.

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Why Do Birds Stay In The Same Place When They Can Fly Anywhere?: I always wonder why birds tay in the same place when they can fly anywhere on the earth. Then I

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Let it go! when you get really angry and you want to insult people. breathe in then let it go let go of all that is not God / Good / - let go of anything that weighs you down - let go of hurt - forgive yourself and forgive them


20 Best Cardio Exercises For : October has fallen upon us and that means, the Holiday’s are creeping as well. And it’s normal to put on pounds during the Holidays. Tone those muscles with cardio