Canadian Seasons.... :( Soooo true.... only so much time for construction :(

Canadian four seasons----- yup, 'bout right. On-going yearly construction after thaw due to frost heaves.

proud to be Canadian haha

I'm puttin' on my mascara okay? Don't spill the coffee! (Wisconsin native here, although Canada wins the snow wars😊) Damn, I just missed that cow! Moooove it, Bessie!

I didn't really think I was the only one that did this...

Canadian problem - needing an American postal code ~ OMG why have I never thought of that! Probably b/c I am too honest . Another Canadian problem!

#Michigan snow problems

True memes - Page 8

That's a nice driveway you shoveled. It would be a shame, if you had to shovel it again.

GAGAHOLISM: Canadian Problems

This is Lady Warden popping in to post some hilariousness in honour of Canada. Why random hilariousness aboot Canada, you ask?

Victoria, British Columbia and Moncton, New Brunswick, west coast/east coast, same time/same day. Welcome to Canada!

February 2015 Meanwhile in Canada. The West Coast vs The East Coast. It's a tough choice (NOT).