Rachel Heineman

Rachel Heineman

Rachel Heineman
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Mackenzie Davis

Mackenzie Davis

ohsheploo: “ Random pics of Sheploo ”

Commander Shepard, Mass Effect, Aesthetics, Sci Fi, Sad, Science Fiction

alistair from dragon age. I luvs him

The past, present, and possible futures of Alistair. --- Sketch cards available on Artfire - [link] The Theirin Heir - Past, Present, Future

Cullen and the Inquisitor from the beginning to the end.

Some art from beginning to end that includes the Inquisitor's missing forearm. Beautiful, accurate, and I love it.

ME Andromeda Pathfinder Logo by Euderion

The Pathfinder Logo from the first Andromeda Initiative Orientation Video. Digital painted in Paint Shop Pro 7 Design by Bioware Mass Effect is (c) by B. ME Andromeda Pathfinder Logo