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the ten week workout plan is shown on a green and white poster with an arrow
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10 week workout plan. ...
many different colored rubber bands on a white surface, with one red yellow and blue ring in the middle
Wear 8 rubber bands and take one off every time you drink a glass of water, add one on every time you drink a caffeinated beverage.
the pinterest calendar is displayed on an iphone
30 Day Challenge.
an apple with the words if you bite it, write it if you drink it
Food Journaling
a woman's body is shown with the 30 - day push up challenge chart
30 day push-up challenge- great start. I am up to being able to do 60 push ups at once. Never thought that was possible, but I started with a challenge like this!
the 30 day plank challenge is here to help you get ready for your next workout
30 day plank challenge - Gets you to 5 minutes.