Rainbow Home Decor for Renters

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Tis the Season for RAINBOWS!
Winter themed Suncatcher Stickers bring the magic of rainbows into your favourite spaces. These reusuable stickers cast rainbows when sunlight hits them, to the delight of everyone who experiences them. Creatively designed by Amanda in Canada, these stickers are the PERFECT stocking stuffer- or addition to a holiday card.
Prism Suncatchers – My Sparkling Emporium
Rainbows + sparkles, who could resist? #rainbow #sparkles #prism
Easy plants to have in ANY space!
My Greenhouse Jungle Suncatcher Sticker features tropical plants that don’t need any watering ;) Pop into your favourite sunny window + enjoy the rainbows! #plantlovers #plantmom #plantdad #plantpeople #inthejungle #suncatcher #suncatcherstickers #suncatcherstickerscanada
A few of my favourite rainbow makers 🌈
Rainbow suncatcher stickers! Bring on the rainbows! Created by Amanda in Canada 🥳 #suncatcherstickers #rainbowwindowdecor #rainbowmaker #windowdecor #rainbowdecals #suncatcherstickerscanada
A hand with sunlight dispersed into a rainbow. Rainbow Suncatcher Stickers throw out rainbows when sunlight shines through them! Sunny Days, Case Cover, Sticker
Rainbow Suncatching
Get rainbows on sunny days- use a rainbow suncatcher sticker!
Easy to Hang Prism Suncatchers
Handcrafter in Canada by Amanda :) Choose from a wide variety of styles, built with gold plated charms, fun accessories + glass prims. Bring the magic into your favourite spaces when the light hits- scattered rainbow shimmers add a fun + sparkly effect for you to enjoy!
Removable + Reusable Window Stickers
Bring some rainbows into your favourite spaces! Renter friendly, these suncatcher stickers don’t leave residue and can be moved into new spaces easily. Check out My Sparkling Emporium to see more!