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a living room with two pieces of art on the wall
Geometric Modern Natural Wood Art | Wood Wall Art Display
a room with a ladder and a tree lamp
EP Light - Creativity Ambient Lighting and Bulb | Official Site
the door handle is made out of driftwood
Drilling small holes into driftwood makes it easy to make mobiles and windchimes. If neither of those projects appeals to you, consider making a photo collage instead. The same principle applies, but instead of hanging chimes, you can clip on photos to the string. For a cohesive look, make sure all the photos are in the same color family by making them black and white or using the same filter on each before printing.
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two pictures of a coat rack made out of branches and logs, one with a jacket hanging on it
10 idées de rangement pour organiser ses accessoires hivernaux
Crochet en bois naturel
four wooden dominos stacked on top of each other
wood blocks
... just because i love old woods like crazy.... des blocs de bois... juste parce que j'aime le bois comme une folle!!!!! roslynoxley dd...
three wooden lights hanging from the ceiling
Lampframe Pendant Lamp by Herr Mandel
The geometric-shaped Lampframe pendants are made from thin wood strips that are joined together to form triangular frames. The overall shape is formed when four of those frames are connected and then clamp around the lamp cord with the aid of magnets. Made by German designer Herr Mandel, the lights are not about hiding the bulb but rather showcasing it, as you would a picture in a frame.
a wooden sink and faucet with soap dispenser in it on a white background
Suitable present for girl - cool image
a wooden calculator with the word tax written in white on it's display
a wooden usb stick sitting on top of a white table next to a wood block
Eco Warrior Princess Returns
Eco girl meets geek girl ecogeek bamboo ecofriendly sustainable stylehellip
a wooden toy bow and arrow with fish on the back side, sitting on a white surface
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These beautiful fishing rods are handcrafted in New Zealand out of solid wood - native matai and pine - using an original Needle & Nail design with an oiled finish. Each fishing set includes 3 fish (snapper, shark and groper) and a rod which has a hook (a strong magnet inset into a wooden dowel) and can catch a metal screw in the fishes mouths. These rods are very popular with little boys and girls of all ages. Each fishing rod is 67cm/26 high but can be pulled apart for easy shipping. Pa...
the contents of a wooden desk set including toilet paper, pen holder and pencils
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74 lime lane . {paper trail} wooden these be lovely ~ fun office supplies