Canada Day Photo Booth Props #canadaday #photobooth #props #july1st

Canada Day activities for the kids to help celebrate with coloring pages, games, crafts, writing paper, bookmarks and more.

Canada Day Windsock

Canada Day National Flag Windsock Craft

Show your national pride this Canada Day with these easy DIY crafts for beaver puppets, maple leaf wreathes and a fun Oh, Canada headband.

12 Activities Besides Skiing to do in Canada this Winter Your little maple leaf will have tons of fun making these easy Canada Day crafts.

Celebrate Canada Day at an event with these easy to make fun Canada Day crowns for kids. A great craft and easy decoration to spice up the party! 20 options available including ones with flags!

20 Canada Day Crowns

Celebrate Canada Day with these easy to make fun Canada Day crowns. It's a great crafitivity to engage young children and get them excited about celebrating Canada Day! 20 options available.

Beaver Cupcakes for Canada Day by Cookies Cupcakes and Cardio

What do Canadians like more then beavers and maple syrup. Beaver cupcakes is the answer. Make these beaver cupcakes for Canada day or for any other holiday that you feel would need a beaver cupcake.

Discovery Days and Montessori Moments: Taking Time Tuesday~ A Year of Crafts~ Bubbles

Use small plastic containers with the wands and adults can help refill for a fun backyard party. Can be part of a bubble & balloon theme.