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Train through the Canadian Rockies - Banff To Vancouver | Alberta / British Columbia, Canada

~~Banff To Vancouver ~ Train through the Canadian Rockies, Alberta, British Columbia, Canada by Kenneth r Rowley~~

And it is a perfectly acceptable way to vent. -CG

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Traditional French-Canadian Split Pea Soup

Canada - Warm and soothing, this traditional French-Canadian Split Pea Soup has a deep, smoky flavor that belies its short list of ingredients.

French (Canadian) Onion Soup... mmmmmmm  Bonne soupe à l'oignon!

French (Canadian) Onion Soup

French (Canadian) Onion Soup Hugue Dufour makes a pork broth for his French onion soup using bacon for smokiness and a pig's foot for richness. Omit the pig's foot for a lighter broth.

Common greeting in Montreal.

Bonjour Greeting Card in Blue/Red by letterpress on Etsy in Typography/Lettering

Canadian Coin Currency

Coin Counters made especially to count Canadian Coins including the Loonies and Toonies . The Coin Counting Machines count and sort all new and old Canadian Coins.

Red Rose you say,  Only in Canada you say....pity

Rose Red Tea, founded in 1894 in Saint John New Brunswick, the company's premium orange pekoe tea inspired the slogan"Only in Canada, you say?my absolute favourite tea and one of my favourite Canadian sayings!

One of the queen’s favorite horses was Burmese, a black mare donated by the Royal Canadian Mounted Police in 1969. The queen rode the horse at every Trooping the Color parade between 1969 and 1986.

The Queen at Trooping the Colour riding her horse, Burmese, whih was a gift from the Royal Canadian Mounted Police.