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a casserole dish with cheese and ground beef
My dinner party guests always go nuts over this dish.
My dinner party guests always go nuts over this dish.
a skillet filled with pasta and mushrooms on top of a table next to some parsley
Perogies and Sausage Skillet - The Recipe Rebel
This Perogies and Sausage Skillet is a hearty meal that's ready in just 25 minutes! Made with frozen potato and cheese perogies and smoked sausage pan-fried and drenched in a simple cream sauce. #perogies #sausage #dinner | dinner recipes | easy recipes } smoked sausage | pierogi | easy recipes
skillet sausage and pierogi in a pan with green beans on the side
Perogies and Sausage Skillet
a large bowl filled with seafood and rice next to bowls of dipping sauces on a white wooden table
Slow Cooker Paella
Slow Cooker Paella with chorizo, chicken and shrimp. Easy and very tasty!
a woman holding a can of soup in her hand on top of a marble counter
How did I not know about this easy one-pan dinner | dinner, ingredient, pie, Pot pie | How did I not know about this easy one-pan dinner I make an easy chicken pot pie with premade ingredients. | By Justine Kameron | Perfect. Scrape out all of that goodness. One can of cream of chicken, I'm going to do one can of mixed vegetables right in there. This is going to be a super easy dinner. You just throw it all in your pie crust. Mix it together and you have dinner for the whole family. Chicken pot pie. You can make your own chicken but I just like how easy these grilled strips are. They're already precooked. Alright. Give it another mix. We're almost done here. It's that easy. It's literally just a few ingredients and your premade pie crust. You can make everything from homemade. You can make the gravy homemade. You can make the pie crust homemade but I just like the convenience of all the premade stuff. Alright, let's season this up a little bit. I have some pepper here. Have your seasonings or this won't be good. And then I'm going to do a little bit of salt. Just a pinch. Okay and do one more mix. Now we have to do our pie top crust. And for that I am just using some crescents from Pillsbury. Go ahead and pop it open. These are the best for a pie crust top. If you're doing a savory pie, you're going to want to use these. Just lay them right on top. It's that easy. Quickly lay them just like this. Buttery crust. So I have some melted butter here. And I'm just going to brush this on the crescents. That easy. It's going to be so good and buttery and that top is just going to be nice and crispy. Ooh, you guys are going to want to make this every week 'cuz it's so easy and so yummy. Alright. Now, before we pop this in the oven, I'm actually going to cover it with foil so that the bottom crust will cook but the top won't burn. Of it. Just like that. Super easy. And then I have my oven set to 350 and we're going to cook it with 20 for 20 minutes with the foil and 20 minutes without the foil. Look at that. It looks perfect. Okay. Go ahead and cut myself a slice that buttery crescents. Oh yeah. Really get through that pie crust. You ready? Let's do this. Oh, wow. That looks so good. This is my best one yet. Mmm, the crescent. It's cooked perfectly. All that delicious pot pie fillings. Okay, I need a bite of this. Mmm. That's a winner.
creamy beef and shells in a skillet with a wooden spoon over it, on top of
Creamy Beef and Shells [Video]
ground beef and broccoli in a pot with a wooden spoon Dairy Free, Ground Beef, Ground Beef And Broccoli, Broccoli Beef, Broccoli, Meals For Two, Low Carb
Ground Beef and Broccoli
the 25 ingredient ground beef crock pot recipes are great for busy weeknights
25 Easy 3 Ingredient Ground Beef Crock Pot Recipes You Can Make for Dinner Tonight
the slow cooker is full of meat and vegetables, including noodles with sauce on top
Slumgullion - Fast and Slow Cooking
chicken and gravy recipe on a white plate
20 Cheap & Easy Dinner Recipes For Your Picky Family
20 Cheap Family Dinners (Quick & Easy Meals!)
a white plate topped with pasta and meat
1970s Recipes That Deserve a Comeback
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