Ice Breaker Game: Each take a certain number of M&Ms without looking, share the coordinating info/memories/stories, etc.

First Day of School Activities for Big Kids

Great back to school ice breaker: get to know you game idea. When it is your turn reach into your bag of MMs. Answer the question corresponding to the color for everyone to hear. Eat your MM!

Printable French Classroom Poster - Useful Classroom Phras

Looking for a reference poster to help students stay in the target language? Here's a digital print and use poster file for a both the and poster of various phrases and questions that are helpful for students in the classroom. Put this poster

Un jeu de dés pour faire travailler de manière ludique la description physique en classe de FLE ou de langue.

Demonstration of more complex dice game for talking and listening. Can be adapted for all languages.

Use this Connect Four game to have students practice their Spanish numbers. They have to say the equation aloud in Spanish along with the sum.

Games to Strengthen Math Skills

Connect four and original game that most of us know. This is a activity that students will enjoy in a friendly match, students may have the option in choosing subtraction or addition!

French mood - Instant Download - Paper Pack - Set of 10 Digital Scrapbook Paper…

French mood - Instant Download - Paper Pack - Set of 10 Digital Scrapbook Paper - 12 x 12 inches