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This would be great for a girls party, baby or bridal shower.

Sparkling pink punch 1 can frozen pink lemonade concentrate, thawed 4 cups white cranberry juice cocktail 1 qt. club soda, chilled Garnish: fresh mint sprigs Substitute 1 bottle of dry Champagne and cup orange liqueur for club soda for a Champagne punch.

Pink Lemonade Sparkling Punch:  frozen lemonade concentrate;  cranberry juice;  1 red fruit punch Hawaiian punch recommended; Ginger Ale; pineapple juice; lemons thinly sliced; Ice   Mix. Viola! Simple, easy and perfect for a baby shower or summer party. Add some rum to kick up the fun a notch

Pink Lemonade Sparkling Punch 4 cans of frozen lemonade concentrate gallon of cranberry juice 1 46 oz can of red fruit punch Hawaiian punch recommended 1 quart of chilled Ginger Ale 1 46 oz can of pineapple juice 2 lemons thinly sliced Ice Viola!

Cherry Limeade Recipe- Tried this for Meg's baby shower- It was easy and a huge hit

Cherry Limeaid – 1 can frozen limeaid concentrate 1 botttle Sprite 1 jar of marocchino cherries 1 lime Mix limeaid and Sprite. Pour in the juice from the cherries. Then add some cherries and slices of lime for looks and taste.