Lizzys Crabapple Crisp. Photo by Djansing

Lizzy's Crabapple Crisp

This recipe is from Lizzy a fabulous cook in the Northern Canadian farming community who has the most amazing crab apple trees!

Crabapple Pie

I’ve long thought that crabapples weren’t good for much of anything, figuring they were one of those ornamental fruits that tastes horrible–or worse. I remember being disappointe…

Crabapple Jam Recipe

A tasty departure from regular crabapple preserves. From an online source in…

Easy Apple Butter

Easy Apple Butter

This spread is autumn's sweetest sensation, stealing the show as a condiment and lending rich flavor to some our favorite fall recipes. Test Kitchen Tip: Use a wooden spoon to draw a line through the apple butter on the bottom of the pot