Mary Magdalene

Nathanael is an emerging fine artist specialized in classical figure painting inspired by the Old Masters. Most of his paintings were based from mythology.

Snegurochka by on @DeviantArt

Snegurochka by Lasarasu

Oil on linen (53cm x 66cm) Follow me

A Girl Fetching Water by Lasarasu on DeviantArt

Lullaby by on @DeviantArt

Lullaby by Lasarasu on DeviantArt

Beauty can only last as flowers could only stay fresh. The purpose of art is to make it eternal.

Leharc by on @DeviantArt

Oil on wood Instead of painting a person from live observation or directly copying a photograph, I asked my muse to provide me multiple photos o.

Profile of a Woman by on @DeviantArt

Profile of a Woman by on @DeviantArt

Love Letter by on @DeviantArt

Love Letter by on @DeviantArt

Signorinella by on @DeviantArt

Chalks on toned paper This little drawing was done in 'trois crayons', a traditional style of drawing that uses three colours of chalk (black, wh.