One Minute's Silence. Poppy artwork. I like the choice of the subdued black background. It goes well with the story.

Teach your students about what the happened during the Battle of Gallipoli in 1915 with the book "One Minute's Silence" and these teac.

A truly unique remembrance day art project for students and teachers.

This is a unique patriotic art project for kids. Try my patriotic agamograph and see how easy patriotic art projects for kids can be.

This stunning Personalised Large Poppy Button Artwork makes a unique gift to…

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Celebrate Anzac Day with meaningful and educational activities using our free Anzac Day Printables. Great craft activity for kids to learn about Anzac Day.

Free Anzac Day Printables

Poppy Art for Remembrance Day

Poppy Art for Remembrance Day (that artist woman)

that artist woman: Poppy Art for Remembrance Day - coffee filter petals and tempera paints