Let’s Play Spot The Canadian

Funny pictures about Let's Play Spot The Canadian. Oh, and cool pics about Let's Play Spot The Canadian. Also, Let's Play Spot The Canadian photos.

ima swimmer and canadian so this is life!!!!!!!

Canada, The Only Place You’ll See Something Like This…

Funny pictures about The Canadian Swim Team. Oh, and cool pics about The Canadian Swim Team. Also, The Canadian Swim Team.

Canadian headline…

Canadian headline…

Funny pictures about Canadian headline. Oh, and cool pics about Canadian headline. Also, Canadian headline.

Mmmm, I could use some Timmy's right now!

Meanwhile in Canada.I am not a fan of Tim Horton's coffee, but the tea is good and the doughnuts - to die for!

Meanwhile in Canada

Meanwhile in Canada---I'm Canadian, this is to true, I apologize like 15 times when I bump into someone


I love these pictures that say 'only in 'Canada' I'm Canadian and I LOVE them. After the driveway was cleared after yesterday's storm. He cleared out the BBQ so he could make steaks hahah

Canadian Problems - haven't had bagged milk in years, but I certainly remember it

karlsburg: “ canadian-problems: “ milk bags take two submitted by swoonforme ” Preach. We have milk bags in England now.

It's time for Roll Up The Rim!

Nothing says Canada better than Tim Horton's and these gorgeous red Olympic mittens!