Photographs from above/below and above sea level, giving the feeling to want to dive in the water.
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Time for a swim

Time for a swim

Summertime blue

On a beautiful day, we went to one of the more secret beaches of Paros. It’s so peaceful and refreshing for body, soul and mind. It shows in the pictures. Bringing peace and beauty to the wor…

Light in a seascape

Light exposing the movement of the water under the surface.


Feeling blessed when out there, in the sea. This shooting day struggling a little more than usual to keep my balance, pushed by her force with blowing winds from about 5 beaufort.

A sparkling seascape

When the wind blows with 5 beaufort on a hot sunny day.

Refreshing sea

Get your print here The sea is always refreshing for body, mind and soul

The sea touched by light

Get your print here The light is playing with the movement from the sea… or is it the other way around? For this kind of beauty, one cannot exist without the other. Isn’t that beautiful…


Get your print here There is a moment in the afternoon, the sun is making the sea extremely sparkly. The sky, close to the sea, is just so bright.

Waterscape 1

Get your print here Interaction between the sea and a woman with her camera… having fun, trying new things.

Rolling water

Only when the wind picks up we get some more movement in the sea Greece

Waterscape: Joy

Waterscape: Joy

shallow water

Be like water, flow like water and sparkle like the sun.


Athens Rivièra, Greece When the wind drops, the waves turn into tiny ripples.

Shades of blue

Shades of blue