Lassy Buns are a soft cookie-like biscuit called a bun in Newfoundland. Molasses and spice flavour these traditional Newfoundland buns.

Lassy Buns (Molasses Buns for those not acquainted with the vernacular of Newfoundland) are one of those treats your grandmother gave you.

Top Ten Newfoundland Recipes -

Top Ten Newfoundland Recipes

Fish and Brewis...a simple, delicious meal make with salt codfish and seabiscuit ( or hard bread). They called the seabiscuit "brewis" (pronounced "brews") because of their practice of"bruising" or breaking up the bread. Fish and Brewis is still a favorite throughout New Foundland.

Fish and Brewis.a simple, delicious meal make with salt codfish and seabiscuit…

Newfoundland Fish Cakes


These traditional Newfoundland fish cakes have been made for countless generations using the most basic of ingredients like potatoes, salt fish and onions. Check the recipe page for a new twist that turns them into Eggs Benedict for your weekend brunch!

Fries, Dressing and Gravy has become synonymous with Newfoundland in recent years. Or Jiggs Dinner. Or Turkey Dinner. Or Chicken Dinner. Th...

Newfie Girl with Brushes, Shovels and Chocolate Chips.Oh Yes - and a Doggy!: Newfoundland Dressing (As Seen in Turkey Dinner or on Fries, Dressing and Gravy)