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a white desk with two stools in front of it and a gray wall behind it
Seven Möbelstücke by Herbert Schultes Design | OEN
a green chair sitting on top of a white floor
In-Stock Furniture & Décor: Industrial, Modern, & Contemporary
Plume Lounge Chair
an old book with writing on it and some lines that are drawn in different directions
Erich Dieckmann, design development of a metal tube chair. Bauhaus, 1931
Erich Dieckmann, design development of a metal tube chair. Bauhaus, 1931
two pictures of a red chair with black legs and an upside down seat on the floor
Gaudute Zilyte Has Designed The REDDOT Armchair
Lithuanian designer Gaudute Zilyte, has created REDDOT, a bright red modern and sculptural armchair. #Seating #Design #Furniture #ModernFurniture #FurnitureDesign #Armchair
a black and white cabinet with an oval design on the front, two tone doors
Queluz | Pinto Paris
Queluz | Pinto Paris
a wooden table with a book on it next to a white wall and a window
33 Fabulous Wooden Furniture Design Ideas Best For Your Home Decoration
a wooden sculpture sitting on top of a white floor
Eduardo Chillida | Consejo al espacio V | The Guggenheim Museums and Foundation
Eduardo Chillida
some shelves with vases and other items on them against a gray wall in a living room
DIY Home Projects | Decor Ideas
Geometric Furniture Ideas | 37 DIY Home Projects Ideas For You & Me
a wooden desk with two drawers on it's sides and an open drawer at the top
a wooden table sitting on top of a white floor
Colé : a new Italian design label
Tapparelle Desk by Emmanuel Gallina for Colé
a wooden table with red metal legs underneath it
Icon Modern | Sustainable Custom Furniture & Architectural Elements
Harvest table, 3' x 7', steel legs and reclaimed urban ash top. Ash trees are…
an unusual wooden table with curved edges on the top and bottom, against a white background
Matte Wood Tables
Daan Mulder‘s new table design is part of the Form Follows Function line. It is an object without loose parts. By laminating multiple layers of wood the top is thin and strong. The table is finished with oak veneer and painted in an ultra matt lacquer.
a wooden bench that has been designed to look like an object
Sculptural Furniture Collection Ties The Knot In Style
Fine crafts artists Kino Guerin and his wife Elyse make exquisite furniture by bending wood into these shapes. Their collection spans benches, shelves and tables. The cleverly named “Why Knot Bench” is definitely one of the most interesting pieces in the collection. Made with laminated bent plywood and walnut veneers, this piece walks the line between a sculpture and a functional object.
three wooden tables sitting on top of each other in front of a blue brick wall
Accueil - Fred de la compta