20 FREE Name Activities for the First Week of Kindergarten | Kindergarten Chaos…

20 FREE Name Activities for the First Week of Kindergarten (Kindergarten Chaos)

Activité de tri: grand / moyen / petit (pour faire suite à la lecture de Boucle d'Or et les 3 ours)

Trier des boutons par taille [activité Montessori

Counting fun with the book, 'Ten Black Dots' from Rachel (",)

Number Play

Pin After reading 10 Black Dots students would be given various numbers. They would use that amount of buttons to create a picture.

Wonders in Kindergarten: What can you balance? Exploring Mass!

Sarama and Clements stress that “the importance of well-planned, free-choice play, appropriate to the ages of the children, should not be un.

Free Symmetry Circles Printable from A Little Pinch of Perfect

Symmetry Circles Math Activity and Free Printable: The printable included with this activity has a blank circle, 2 section circle, 4 section circle, and an 8 section circle that kids can use small manipulatives -- OR PAPER SHAPES -- to build patterns

En blogg om specialpedagogik i förskolan, hur vi kan skapa en förskola för ALLA.

This activity helps children to sort shapes by putting each shape in their corresponding bins.

(@creativeminds.df) on Instagram: “This never gets old! #art #artist #creativeminds #kindergarten #teachersofinstagram #math…”

(@creativeminds.df) on Instagram: “This never gets old! #art #artist #creativeminds #kindergarten #teachersofinstagram #math…”

such an easy but fun idea for the beginning of Kindergarten

ABC Match up. I did this today, but first taught it whole group. Laid out about 12 letters on our area rug and each child closed their eyes and took turns picking out a letter from the letter tub. Then I was able to put this activity in a center and they

Here's a post with a wealth of ideas for setting up a patterning kit or station.

Reggio-inspired mathematics: patterning kit - Mathematics and Science in SD (Richmond)