Tarte canadienne au sirop d'érable.  Recette en anglais. - Maple tart

A Pinner wrote: "Canadian Maple Pie. it calls for pure maple syrup. It only has 4 ingredients so it's relatively easy just make sure you CONSTANTLY stir. It has a strong caramel flavor in my opinion and is best very cold w/ whipped cream.

Anarchitecture by Richard Greaves "La Cabane à sucre" (Beauce/ Quebec/ Canada)

And they all lived together in a crooked little house . Richard Greaves, La Cabane à sucre, Beauce, Quebec, circa 1985

How to make your own maple syrup - The Art of Doing Stuff

How to make maple syrup. The Ultimate Guide for Beginners.

The Art Of Doing Stuff website shares step by step how to tap your trees and make maple syrup. You can tap Sugar Maple, Birch, Black Maple, Red Maple and S

Cabin in the Snowy Woods. This looks so much like I imagine Gordon's cabin to look that it's eerie.

Little cabin in the forest. Looks like a Canadian sugar shack with the smoke cupola on top.

Acer saccharum 'Fall Fiesta' Fall Fiesta Sugar Maple from Prides Corner Farms

Trees are cool! Shop your local garden center for great selections of trees.

"Cabane a Sucre" ... Maple syrup season in cottage country, Quebec

"Cabane a Sucre" . Maple syrup season in cottage country, Quebec

Pouding chomeur au sirop d'érable

Pouding chomeur au sirop d'érable

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