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Zechariah 12:9 For on that day I will begin to destroy all the nations that come against Jerusalem. | New Living Translation (NLT) | Download The Bible App Now
the stairs lead up to the top of the rock formation in wadih, egypt
Climbing Mount Sinai - 8 Things You Need To Know Before
an ancient building with steps leading up to it
Tomb of Zachariah
a rocky path made out of rocks on the side of a mountain under a blue sky
Hiking Mount Sinai - Visit Where Moses Received Ten Commandments
some people are standing on the side of a cliff
The ancient city of Jericho
an aerial view of a cliff with stairs leading up to the top
Masada, Israel
a stone tunnel with water running through it
an aerial view of a city with lots of buildings
Road “Where Jesus Walked” is Re-opened to Public
Road “Where Jesus Walked” is Re-opened to Public - Biblical Archaeology Society
the ruins are surrounded by rocks and trees in front of some buildings with no roof
The House of Peter: The Home of Jesus in Capernaum?
an arch in the middle of a stone building with two columns and a man standing under it
Synagogue in Capernaum stock image. Image of orthodox - 13536633
a carving on the side of a stone wall with a circular object in it's center
Star of David on the wall of Jerusalem's Old City
an aerial view of a winding road in the countryside
Mount Tabor - BibleWalks 500+ sites
a person standing on top of a mountain in the desert
Judean Desert East Of Jerusalem.