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Educators role in the Reggio Emilia approach.

The Adults Role. I love point 2 - to provoke qualities within the children. And point 3 - to use a pedagogy of listening to take the children's ideas and return them for further exploration - love the reciprocity of education.

Tips for Coping with Separation Anxiety in Infants and Toddlers

Dealing with separation anxiety in a positive manner helps build a sense of trust and safety with your child . Your teaching them that you will return, and that they will be safe and cared for without you there

Looking for picture books to ease separation anxiety in your child? If your child is upset about being away from you, these 10 children's books about separation anxiety will help your baby, infant, toddler or big kids. Perfect for entering a new school or meeting a new caregiver!

Separation anxiety in kids can be challenging. Read the 11 children's books about separation anxiety that will help your child cope. Even includes a FREE printable Read Aloud Book List with hundreds of favorite selections to read with your kids!

Magdalena S. Palencia: Relieving Separation Anxiety Through Communication

Communication between a parent or caregiver and an infant is fundamental for a child’s development. Even though it is the adult using wor.