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the ocean with text that reads cape coast, ghan and learning about the trans - atlantic slave trade
Cape Coast’s History of Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade | The Fantasia
Visiting Cape Coast in Ghana and Learning about the Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade || What the experience is like visiting the slave castles in West Africa - click through for more.
the sun setting over the ocean with text that reads visiting china's busua beach a day trip from takekaki
What Happens When You Do a Day Trip to Busua Beach in Ghana | The Fantasia
Busua Beach is a quaint little beach located only 1 hour away from Takoradi. Click through to find out how to get there and what it's like.
two pictures of people walking across a suspension bridge in the forest with text overlaying them
Ghana Canopy Walk: Kakum National Park - Capturing Joy with Kristen Duke
All about Ghana's Famous Canopy Walk in Kakum National Park | Click through the blog post for photos and travel info on the park.
there are many boats in the water with words that read ghanna travel tips
Travel to Ghana
Plan your trip to Ghana, in West Africa, with the help of this useful travel guide including top attractions, visa requirements, and more. Click through to see the travel tips.
a man is standing in the water with his arms up and cattle on the bank behind him
Getting to know Ghana.
Comprehensive Guide to Travel in Ghana - Everything you need to know from religion to food to medicine and more. Click through to see the full guide.
a passport, pen and clipboard with the words why we are moving to ghana
Why We Are Fed Up And Moving To Ghana |
Why did this family of 5 move from the UK to Ghan for a better life? #travel #africa #ghana #repatration
a young boy sitting in front of a statue with the words 3 days in ghana with kids
Best Things To Do In Ghana With Kids - The MOM Trotter
3 Days In Ghana With Kids | What's it like visiting Africa with your little ones? This blog outlines all the details of one family's experience. Click through to read more.
an old building with the words how to spend one day in accra on it
What To Do With One Day in Accra - Demand Africa
Here's What To Do With One Day in Accra! #travel #Ghana #Africa #Accra
a woman standing on top of a building with the words 5 tips for traveling in ghana
5 Tips For Traveling In Ghana | Aprilnego
Top 5 Tips for Travel in Ghana | Is it polite to take photos of people? Is it ok to show skin? Find out in this blog post. #Ghana #Independenceday #Ghanaat60 #Ghanatravelguide #Traveltipsforghana
a woman walking on the beach with her surfboard and text overlay that reads, what to wear in ghana
What to wear in Ghana
Wondering What to wear in Ghana? Find out tips from one of our writers who spent a year living there! Click through for more info :)
a giraffe standing in front of trees with the words, the ultimate packing list for africa written on it
Backpacking East Africa: All The Things I Wish I'd Brought With Me
The ultimate packing list for backpacking Africa / What to pack for a trip to Africa? / Backpacking Africa / East Africa Packing Guide / Africa Packing List #Africa #Tips #Uganda #Malawi #Tanzania #Kenya #EastAfrica
a woman leaning against a wall with the words, why you should go to ghana right now
Why you should go to Ghana | The ultimate one week itinerary for your Ghana trip - Oneika the Traveller
Why you should go to Ghana | The ultimate one week itinerary for your Ghana trip - Click through for more info to help you plan your trip
two pictures with the words 5 things i learned traveling through ghana
5 Things I Learned Traveling Through Ghana #Ghana #Africa #travel
a woman holding up a sign that says two lesson 1011, who he sen?
Learning Twi (Language) Lesson 101 | #yearofreturn2019 #Ghana #IndependenceDay
Twi (Language) Lesson 101 | #Ghana #IndependenceDay - YouTube
a woman standing on a rope bridge with the words, ohana travel guide above her
The Complete Travel Guide to Accra, Ghana | Custom Travel Planner | The Destination Designer
Complete Travel Guide to Accra, Ghana #travel #africa #accra #rainforest #wheretostay #volunteer #service #travelguide