Nancy Thomas-Holtman

Nancy Thomas-Holtman

Nancy Thomas-Holtman
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Beginning of the year activity - DIY Coloring Banner (editable)

What a fun way to start off the first week of school. Keeps the class occupied and calm while school supplies are being labeled and put away. The finished product is a colorful banner with your class list displayed. You can display your students' talent a

How to discipline a child w/ ADHD. Dealing with a child with ADHD can be very difficult. These kids are very unique and need unique discipline techniques. They can be very frustrating and require special patience. Children with ADHD need very firm and consistent discipline...

How to Discipline a Child With ADHD. Nurturing a child with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) can be very difficult, as they need distinctive discipline techniques that are not the same as other children.

A technique to help kids learn to stop and think before they act.

Teaching Your Impulsive Child to Pause. "To begin, talk with your kids about their brain using age-appropriate language. - Next, introduce the concept of a pause. - Tie the brain information and the pause together.