For my Canadian Friend ;-)

‘Grey’ or ‘Gray’?

Funny pictures about 'Grey' or 'Gray'? Oh, and cool pics about 'Grey' or 'Gray'? Also, 'Grey' or 'Gray'?


Biggest one

Canadian apology...

Canadian apology…

Funny pictures about Polite Canadian Apology. Oh, and cool pics about Polite Canadian Apology. Also, Polite Canadian Apology photos.

Reasons to be mindful of Canada and what we have....and do.

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being a Canadian is confusing!

way-Eve Clermont Lohman I couldn't resist, it was Canadian and had Robin Sparkles!

Hockey is more important...

Hockey is more important…

this is not an exaggeration. during the Olympics the whole school gathers for the games, more than once. I remember in math class i show up and its the canadian hockey team finals and we were all cool with watching the hockey game instead of doing math


Canadians aren't the only ones who pronounce it this way. The British also say zee zed. Since they invented the English language; I'm gonna say we Canadians and Brits are pronouncing it right.

funny meanwhile in canada

"In Canada we don't freak over this and call the DNR or the media.we phone all our family & friends to come over and see the cool moose on the roof! :)" Not my words - but I would love a moose on my roof .


Canadian Investigators

Another Canadian joke. BUT WAIT - Does this actually happen? I really don't think Canadians say "aboot" - at least not in Toronto LOL.

Canadian Icon Montage Royalty Free Stock Vector Art Illustration

A set of Canadian themed icons. Click below for more travel images.

my favorite part is the canadians

I really, really, really wish there was actually an "American Assembly for Identifying Stereotypes of Other Stereotypes the Use of Sarcasm" .I'd donate money to that cause!