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What gets a capital letter?- This anchor chart tells all the different things that get a capital letter. Using anchor charts are a DAP.

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Writer's Workshop: The Basics of Writer's Anchor Chart for Writer’s Workshop. Cunningham on page describes the process of Writer’s Workshop. This is a visual representation of what this section suggests.

Jeu de dé: Lance le dé et colorie le bonhomme. Le 1er qui a tout colorié gagne...

Fun dice game printable-- each person rolls the die, and the first person to color in their gingerbread man wins!

Primary French Immersion Resources: POMMES for editing our writing

Primary French Immersion Resources: POMMES for editing our writing.I LOVE this as a grading code for my middle schoolers, but change the P to pronom, as they have punctuation down, but still make lots of pronoun errors.

Lire et écrire 100 mots fréquents pour le 100e jour de classe!

100 mots au bout de mes doigts! French sight words, Mots usuels, Mots fréquents