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If you value my opinion enough to ask for it, I'm going to value you enough to be truthful.

I have Virgo Rising and this is true for me. If you do not want to hear the answer then do not ask me. If you ask a Virgo for an opinion on any matter, and they will give you the most truthful answer even if it hurts you"

This Lemon Zucchini Cake is so moist, undeniably delicious and topped with a lemon glaze that will keep you coming back for one more slice.

LEMON ZUCCHINI CAKE – definitive proof that lemon and zucchini belong together! Beautifully moist and undeniably delicious, this easy cake is topped with a lemon glaze that will keep you com…

You will regret leaving a Virgo... You will only realize how much you miss and love them when nobody else treats you the way they did.

This is true. I'm not always perfect, but I would do anything for my love. Other people's happiness is my own. Wish I could send this to certain people