Nicole Moore

Nicole Moore

Nicole Moore
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cute comic style angel wing tattoo

cute comic style angel wing tattoo on the lower back _. i would place between shoulder blades and places daughter names in each wing- without halo.i think it is cute with the halo , because our girls are beautiful angels in our lives

oversized top

Laidback Artist Short Sleeves in Green - Short Sleeve - Tops - Retro, Indie and Unique Fashion. Add light blue shorts and an Owl Love Green small tote bag and you'll be a ready for a date night.

Papillons <3

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Hedgehog..soooo freaking cute omg

NOT a hedgehog. Baby Echidnae: No, not a hedgehog which is an insectivore or a porcupine which is a rodent, but an echidnae which is a monotreme (lays shelled eggs). They live in Australia and New Guinea, where there are neither hedgehogs nor porcupines.