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Ringette penalties is a little different then hockey check them out here!

Ringette <3

Don't like it, don't think i'ts good enough for a girl, I chose it and I am proud of it.

Ringette stick and ring.   50 years strong

My favorite hobbie is ringette, i've been playing it for about 8 years. Ringette is a lot like hockey except for certain rules and that it is played with a ring and bladeless stick instead of a puck and hockey stick.

Ringette and hockey♡♥

That feeling you get when you are about to get on the ice, is unexplainable

Skates and heels.. thats how ringette is.. or hockey for girls

Skates and heels. thats how ringette is. or hockey for girls I defenentily would choose skates for sure!


I would like to play Ringette until I have children and then when they get old enough coach their Ringette.