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Nigel Botelho

Nigel Botelho
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"Nido" - A tiny cabin space by the Finnish designer Robin Falck. This tiny cabin is fully functional at just under 100 square feet out in the middle of the woods. This small space features a micro-kitchen and upper sleep/storage space.

Brown Butter Shortbread

During the holidays I like to find and create new baked treats to share, of course, but I also really enjoy revisiting the classics. Last weekend I was craving some good old fashioned shortbread cookies, but with a brown butter twist.

Vegan Butter recipe

How to Make Vegan Butter - Regular Vegan Butter - Coconut Oil Base For those with dairy allergies.I tried it and it tastes pretty darn good. It's supposed to make a wicked good buttercream frosting and I think it'd make a great herbed butter.