Pinterest board en français - great little project idea!

I love the idea of doing this in Spanish, especially for teaching Spanish I students "gustar" + nouns or infinitive verbs.

Conjuguer essayer imparfait Conjugaison Verbe Essayer A L'imparfait ray bradbury research paper that was gravely warned in private conversation by another administrator common application essay

How to use Ratatouille for French cooking unit. And besides I just love the way the word rolls off your tongue!

Quick Clip------Mr Bean - Steak Tartare---Mr Bean's meal is brought to him at the restaurant. Having ordered steak he wasn't expecting raw Steak Tartare. He tries to hide it so he doesn't have to eat it, eventually making the waiter knock it on the floor.

À l'épicerie -- minute dialogue in French between grocer and customer; the words appear in speech bubbles; uses static drawings (not animated) -- French II

Food visual dictionary for this unit. Junk food visual dictionary (print back to back with previous) Food word strips .

La tempête des verbes 1

Great card game for practicing ER verb conjugation with Primary French Immersion students or Junior-Intermediate Core French students. Un jeu de .

Subway menu in France vs. many examples of cultural differences re: food simply in the translation of basic items (sub vs.