Strawberry Jam Jar

Strawberry Jam Jar

Grape Jam Jar

IT'S BLUEBERRY! For the geometry I just had to change the colors C: Jam Jar 2

Pucci Rainbow Lolipops

Now you can have your very own for MMD!

Wooden Cherry Table

This was done in Sketchup, and uses the default Cherry wood texture.

Red & Green Sled

Just a simple kiddy sled done in Metasequoia.

Basic Wooden Chair

when I started off I was thinking of making barstool :/ UPDATE: It's now resized and useable with MMD CHAIR

N64 Cartridge

N64 Cartridge

Decorative Lantern

It doesn't have a proper base or wall mount Decorative Lantern

Basic Alarm Clock

A simple alarm clock. You can recolour this or add a sphere map (if you can get it to work, I had trouble with this particular one) Alarm Clock