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Nikolas Petrovic

Nikolas Petrovic
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X-men Storm watering plants.not only is this funny but its accurate b/c plants need nitrogen to grow and the air is about nitrogen, but it's a form that plants can't use. Lightning changes nitrogen in the air into a form plants can use.


Then all my classmates gonna be looking at me and I'm like "I'm not going to turn down this oppurtunity, its either go big meal, or go small and stay asking for food when yoh know nobodies going to give you any!

Dr Octofreeze

Geniales Superhelden Mash-Up von Eric Guzman. The Amazing Spider-Bat Captain Krypton Banemon The Joking Goblin Thunder God Ms Wonder Posion Scorpion Dr. Octofreeze The Scavenger via.