To Thy Captivating Aura

The Secret Wood Description: Model: Elena Racevska Location: Zagreb, Croatia Make up & styling by me Copyright for this gallery photo belongs solely to Marina Filipovic

Block Unwanted Game Requests on Facebook

Number of annoying notifications are rising. This article is about, How to Block Unwanted Game Requests, which will help you stop any future notifications from the apps you don't like and access.

Why do we have more followers than Leaders?

Representation, where Russian citizens elect someone to speak for them in a specified forum, was introduced in

Imagination, Curiosity and Creativity

In a circuit, the electrons move through wires and get through the bulb. The electrons get into the bulb and the bulb convert electrical energy into heat(thermal energy) and light(radiant) which is useable energy.

That’s Impossible: Invisibility Cloak

A documentary by History channel, narrated by Jonathan Frakes, is about remarkable advancement in the field of Science to make our dream of becoming 'Invisible' true.


Don't try using your head as it may get messy.

How To Check For Phishing Emails?

Phishing is a type of an online identity theft. With each email phishing fraud, the investment a company puts into developing trust and reliability decreases and so does client relationship.

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