Canon EOS 5D Mark IV vs 5D Mark III

This video compares Canon EOS Mark IV & Mark III. The Mark IV is definitely a huge step up for most photographers, with big jumps in resolution for .

Introducing EOS 5D Mark IV

This video is about the introduction to Mark IV. In this video I will be talking about the new features of Mark IV.

Tamil Fest CA 2016 - Event Photography

This video is about our family trip to Tamil fest Canada Tamil fest was for 3 day. It was in Markham Road & Turbina avenue.

Night photography

This video is about how to take Night photography.In this video we see host Keerthana talking about how she took night photography shoot in her balcony.

How to take Sports Photography

This is a tutorial about sports portrait photography. In this video you will get to know about the Aperture setting,shutter speed,lens choice, location used .