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I have a deathly hallows necklace --- I need a deathly hallows necklace. --- I have a horcrux locket------i got a shirt hat says I solemnly swear that I am up to no good and I might get a time turner necklace

A fan discovering something new about the dark mark, and also the number '8'.

I never thought about it that way. I actually thought they were going to talk about there being an infinity symbol when I read the comment about an 8 in the Dark Mark. Also, did no one get the hermione can't draw reference from A Very Potter Musical?

An investigation of the Sorting Hat, depicting Hermione's placement, as well as Ron's, Harry's and Draco's (in a very colourful manner) to relate to their personalities found throughout the novels and movies.

Harry Potter and the sorting hat. What if the sorting hat didn't believe he belonged in Slytherin, and was just giving Harry the boost he needed to believe he was a Gryffindor?