Newfoundland Old Fashioned Baked Beans Recipe

Old Fashioned Baked Beans Newfoundland Recipe. Cookbook of Traditional Newfoundland Meals by Newfoundland.

Newfoundland Lassy Bread Recipe

Come taste traditional Newfoundland recipes such as Lassy Bread from the place we call home. We only have the traditional Newfoundland recipes your mother & grandmother use to make!

Figgy Duff

Newfoundland Figgy Duff has nothing to do with figs; raisins were once referred to as figs here and are always added to this traditional steamed pudding.

Homemade Toutons

homemade toutons (Holy cow Gail - these have a different name then Mom called them - and they're fatter ours were thin)

Pea soup

A Wicked Scoff.Newfoundland Food and Recipes with New England Influences: Recipe Rewind.