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three different images of an easter egg with decorative designs on it, and the same one has
an ornate blue and gold decorated egg on a white surface
an egg with decorative designs painted on it's side, sitting on a white surface
an egg decorated with purple and white designs
two pictures with different colored easter eggs in them and the words shaving cream easter eggs
Shaving Cream Dyed Easter Eggs
Shaving Cream Dyed Easter Eggs (So fun for kids!) | CraftyMorning.com
a white plate topped with yellow and red napkins next to bunny shaped napkin holders
Salvete "Zeke"
How to fold a napkin into a bunny (with pictures!)
a basket filled with lots of small stuffed animals
A Basket of Bunnies
DIY: Easter "Create Along" Ideas, Patterns and Tutorials...Lots of bunny, carrots, chicks and Easter crafts. From fabric to crochet, knit and paper, this is a goldmine of Easter crafting!!
an easter bunny and chick treat holder made out of toilet paper
Easter Treat Holders from Cardboard Tubes
Make these cute easter bunny and chick holders for your easter treats!
three different types of stuffed animals sitting next to each other
Freebie Friday – Scrapbook Expo Mystery Box
Easter Character Boxes by Tammy
five little yellow and orange paper cut outs with black eyes, ears, and tails
Freebie Friday – Scrapbook Expo Mystery Box
Ducks on Parade by Deborah Wright
an image of a child's art project on the iphone
Wet Chalk Tape Resist Easter Egg Painting
wet chalk + tape = cool Easter Egg Art! So easy & fun for kids to make. A perfect activity to have on hand for Easter
an image of some kind of food in a plastic container and another photo with the words cool whip + food coloring beautiful marble eggs
Edible Marbled Easter Eggs
Like the oft-pinned shaving cream marbled eggs - except with cool whip, so the kiddos can lick the mess off their fingers. (Shannon's Tot School)