Dr. Joey Shulman's 7-Day Meal Plan will help you keep on the right track with your weight loss plan

Fat Burning Meals Plan-Tips low residue diet menu - We Have Developed The Simplest And Fastest Way To Preparing And Eating Delicious Fat Burning Meals Every Day For The Rest Of Your Life

Healthy fridge audit: Dr. Joey on what should (and shouldn’t) be on your shelves

Here’s a master list to use when you’re stocking up on healthy ingredients. Filling your kitchen with healthy foods makes cooking a pleasure, not a chore.

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The appearance of our skin, hair, and nails is one of the best indicators of our overall health. Here are 6 Foods for Healthy Skin, Hair and Nails!

Cityline 2015 Weight Loss Challenge 7-day meal plan #2

Every body has extraordinary detox capabilities - we breathe in pollution, we eat junk, we endure physical and emotional stresses every single day and, yet, our bodies keep us going. When it comes dow.

Dr. Joey’s 4 simple tips to improve your energy fast!

The Candida diet is a simple plan to eliminate your Candida symptoms, using a combination of a low sugar diet, probiotics, and natural antifungals.