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Rib EZ- Total customer favorite now in single dinner size! Ahhh yes! You will not be disappointed when your ribs come out of your slow cooker.

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Don't STEW Over It!- Perfect ending to a cool spring or autumn evening. Delicious stew, with perfect aromas. Don't forget the beer bread!

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Better than Mama's Pot Roast- Fab Oniony, Herbaceous melt in your mouth is Easy Peasy with this Pot Roast slow-cooker Simmering. Set it and forget it!

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Chocoholic Eat'em Upcakes- A chocoholic's dream Upcake! Chocolate cake with creamy chocolate frosting. Make a double batch because you can't eat just one! Makes 12 irresistible Upcakes.

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Do you like fudge? Do you like cheesecake? How about a sweet treat that is an epic cross of the two? If so, you must try our Chocolate Gooey Goodness! (No baking required!

Shop with Do You Bake?. Rib EZ

Shop with Do You Bake?. Rib EZ

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